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    Accessibility training

    Accessibility in content production

    Learn to apply the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in content production

    Accessibility might seem like a vague and technical challenge, if you aren’t aware of different user groups’ limitations and usage habits. In this training, you will learn what accessibility means and how content production can support the effortless use of web services for different users.

    Accessibility is made up of small things like well-marked headings, clear and descriptive links, correctly marked-up lists and tables and good color contrast. In this course, the above topics will be tackled both using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) and practical examples. The material covers traditional web content, videos and social media posts (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter).

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Consider different disabilities and their impact on consuming web content.
    • Create headings, links, lists and tables which support screen reader use. 
    • Ensure sufficient contrasts.
    • Create context-appropriate text alternatives for images.
    • Recognize the requirements for video captioning and audio descriptions.
    • Write accessible instructions.
    • Consider accessibility in social media posts.




    Half day


    A mix of theory and hands-on exercises


    Content producers, communication professionals

    Empower your entire team with new skills

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    Our developers at Southampton City Council were very happy with the training. The examples from our own website were really helpful, and we’ve already created lots of follow-up actions after the training. We also now know where to find more information on accessibility.

    Lucy Rowe
    Southampton City Council