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    DevOps training

    Azure DevOps Fundamentals

    Get started on leveraging the power of the Azure DevOps platform

    In this course, you will get a first-hand experience of how Azure DevOps can support your software development. We discuss general DevOps principles and give you hands-on experience with how to implement those in Azure Devops to enable continuous delivery of value to your stakeholders.

    The course will focus on teaching you how to work agile with Azure Boards, and continuous integration and deployment of an application with Azure Pipelines.

    Outline of the course 

    • How to manage developer documentation
    • Inner source to accelerate team member on-boarding
    • Using the wiki for general information
    • How to use ticket types and boards effectively
    • Identifying the four key metrics
    • Understanding the importance of limiting work in progress
    • How to structure and setup continuous integration
    • Advantages of continuous integration
    • Branching strategy in git
    • Faster builds with artifact management
    • Scripting a build pipeline with YAML
    • How to structure and setup continuous delivery
    • Automated deployment pipeline
    • Understanding gates and triggers
    • How to structure and set up continuous deployment
    • Decoupling deployment and release with feature toggling


    • A Microsoft account, so you can log in to dev.azure.com
    • Git installed
    • You're able to compile Java files


    One day


    Instructor-led with a mix of theory and hands-on exercises


    Software developers, architects, DevOps, and continuous delivery practitioners

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