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    Cloud training

    Docker and Kubernetes fundamentals

    Get a good start on your container and orchestration journey

    Are you new to containers? This combination of  Docker and Kubernetes fundamentals will help you quickly grow into a seasoned Docker and Kubernetes user.

    We will start off focusing on the Docker fundamentals, teaching you how to leverage the containerization technology, reduce environment drift, and enable self-contained deliveries to production. Next, you will begin your journey into container orchestration with Kubernetes, learning the right skills to be scalable in your deployments and solve problems with resilience.

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    Day 1:

    • Use Docker on your daily role as a developer and/or sysadmin
    • Use Docker engine features necessary for running containerized applications
    • Create Dockerfiles and Docker Compose files
    • Keep your Dockerfiles and images small, efficient, and fast
    • Distribute your docker images through a docker registry, such as Docker Hub
    • Protect important persistent data in volumes and bind mounts
    • Package your own software     

    Day 2:

    • Deploy containers through pods into a cluster
    • Scale the application using replicasets and deployments
    • Create network connectivity both internally in the cluster and externally using load balancer
    • Rolling out updates using deployments
    • Storing configuration data using configMaps and secrets
    • Creating persistent storage to your application using persistent storage claims


    You will need to have Git bash installed on your machine. Basic Linux bash knowledge is preferred but will be covered at the beginning of the course as well.

    : Docker Fundamentals focuses on Docker for Linux, however, most of the content is directly translatable to Windows containers as well.

    This course is vendor- and distribution-neutral, so all introduced concepts can be applied universally.

    Reach your DevOps goals with a Kubernetes Certified Provider


    Two days


    A mix of theory and hands-on exercises


    Software developers, Architects, DevOps and Continuous Delivery practitioners

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    Skilled and laid back teachers who really know Docker and Kubernetes. I feel that this course really needed for all devs.

    Marko Melko
    Viestilehdet Oy