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    CI/CD training

    Introduction to Artifactory

    Learn how to integrate and maintain your artifact management with Artifactory

    How to integrate Artifactory into your pipeline, and how to keep a strict and tidy repository? After this course, you'll know.

    You’ll get hands-on experience in setting up repositories and using the REST API, CLI, and AQL. You will learn different ways to interact with Artifactory, best practices for maintaining your repository, and how to use Artifactory in a CI setup.

    We will focus on Gradle and REST as your collaboration with Artifactory. If you are interested in any specific repository type, please tell us so when booking the training. 

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Upload artifacts in the right layout using various tools
    • Utilize Artifactory as your central point for artifacts
    • Make quality gates for your artifacts using repositories
    • Understand the AQL language, and using it for finding artifacts
    • Make automatic rules on artifacts deletion, reducing the overall storage needs of Artifactory


    • Fundamental awareness around Artifactory.
    • Git bash installed on your machine.
    • Basic Linux bash knowledge is preferred but will be covered at the beginning of the course.


    One day


    A mix of theory and hands-on exercises


    Software developers, System Administrators, DevOps and Continuous Delivery practitioners

    Empower your entire team with new skills

    Contact us to plan this training just for your team.