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    Jira Automation

    Learn to reduce project complexity through well-crafted automation

    JIRA@2x copy
    Automation in Jira Cloud allows you to create automation rules based on dozens of triggers, extending the value of Jira and empowering your entire team to manage process consistency and productivity.

    In this course, you’ll come to understand how powerful—and fun—this Jira Cloud feature can be. You’ll learn how to efficiently create automation rules with results that match your intentions and match your team’s work processes. Explore how to integrate Jira with other tools like Slack, email, Bitbucket, GitHub, and any webhook-enabled services.


    • Jira Automation overview
    • Workflow rules
    • Administration
    • Smart values
    • Branch rules
    • Integrating with other products
    • Jira Service Desk rules


    Jira Essentials or Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset or equivalent experience

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Describe reasons to automate Jira
    • Create basic automation rules
    • Administer automation rules
    • Use smart values in automation rules
    • Create advanced automation rules
    • Use automation rules with other products
    • Create Jira Service Desk rules

    Certified training

    Trainees will receive an official certificate of attendance upon completion.

    Training Partner Dec 20210




    Half day


    Hands-on course with exercises and learning material


    Jira Automation is designed for Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Program Managers, Product Managers, Jira Project Administrators, and Jira Administrators

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