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    Modern software architecture

    Improving the architecture of a running system

    As stated in the “Lean Software Development” book, making decisions later is cheaper, because we have more knowledge. This is especially true about software systems, as evident from the agile and DevOps movements.

    This workshop explores the current state of the art in software architecture. The indirect microservice architecture enables us to make decisions about team communication and flexibility as late as possible.

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Understand, develop, and refactor to an indirect communication microservice architecture.
    • Testing the system at every level (unit, integration, system, etc.).
    • Implement feature toggling and release management.
    • Implement Continuous Deployment for fast feedback


    Day 1: Building microservices

    We start with a brief overview of microservice architectures, discussing their pros and cons. We then discuss different architectures and how to implement them from scratch, and how to decompose a monolith. Following that there is a long project-session to implement a small sandbox microservice system from scratch.
    Project technologies: Java, Heroku, RabbitMQ

    Day 2: Maintaining microservices

    Building on part 1 we dive into how to develop microservices safely, primarily through automated testing. Then we discuss continuous deployment and feature toggling. Again, we finish with a long project-session building on your result from day 1, where we set up a CD pipeline and debug a legacy microservice using automated testing.
    Project technologies: Java, Optimizely, GitHub Actions, JUnit


    Two days


    Workshop with time for questions and discussions


    Programmers interested in architecture

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    Online (EN)



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