Eficode opens its second office in Sweden, this time in Gothenburg.

Eficode, a Finnish design and technology company opens its second office in Sweden. Eficode’s new know-how centre for car industry will be established together with the new Gothenburg office. The centre will bring the practices of modern software industry and continuous release to the car industry.

The new know-how centre will help the car industry clients to speed up the digital transformation and bring the best practices from DevOps methods and technology solutions. The software competences are becoming more and more important throughout the car industry value chain when digital solutions will take more central role in user experience for cars. Even the software development in car industry needs to be automatic and smooth from the customer’s viewpoint.

”The customer experience for car industry and cars is more and more built on digital products and services. Functionalities are developed to help the driving and increase the safety and comfort for passengers. Different applications will bring the user experience also to situations when you are not even sitting in the car”, tells Risto Virkkala, CEO of Eficode.

The car industry is becoming one of the world's largest producers for digital services and applications. At the same time, the need to automate the software production and to develop a software production driven culture throughout the whole value chain for car industry is essential.

”Applications are not anymore separate buyable components, but the core of the whole customer experience. Similarly the car motors have been the heart of the cars for the last 120 years. This means that just like the car motors, the software products in the cars need to be taken care of and updated in order to be safe and functioning in a changing ecosystem. We need to be aware of that the customers really are waiting for updates and new functions for their technology and applications. Customers do not anymore settle for a car and the belonging applications to be good at the point of purchase, but instead the new updates are really a central part of the whole customer experience”, Virkkala continues.

The aim is to employ 30 new persons to the new office by the end of December 2018. Previously Eficode has an office in Stockholm, which was opened in March 2017.

Eficode wants to be near customers and make the collaboration easy. Gothenburg is an expanding know-how centre both for developing and manufacturing passenger cars and heavy machinery. Sweden has long traditions in developing the safety and innovations for car industry. The foreign financing is accelerating the development and helps to develop the global marketplace for the new innovations.

For more information:

Risto Virkkala, CEO, risto.virkkala@eficode.com, +358 40 501 8434
Mikael Nilsson-Ollandt, Business Manager Sweden, mikael.nilsson-ollandt@eficode.com +358 50 548 3456