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Finnish repository management platform Deveo acquired by a US company

Written by:
Risto Virkkala

Deveo, Finnish company providing repository management platform, has been acquired by Perforce Software. Deveo will be known from now on as Helix TeamHub.

Deveo, a Finnish company providing repository management platform, has been acquired by Perforce Software. Perforce is based in US and specialised in revision control systems. Deveo product will be known from now on as Helix TeamHub and be a part of Perforce’s product portfolio.

Tech Consulting Group TCG Oy, the former owner of Deveo, is the parent company of the Finnish DevOps consulting group Eficode Oy.

“We have managed to create a significant Deveo customer base in Finland. In addition, Perforce has a large international customer base of software development customers. This creates possibilities to offer the Deveo product to the existing customer base. Perforce valued the technology developed by Deveo”, states Risto Virkkala, CEO of TCG.

Deveo is used by a large number of significant customers in Finland such as OP, VR and Varma. Eficode will continue the collaboration with Perforce through offering their products including the new Helix TeamHub.

The collaboration with Perforce also creates new international opportunities to Eficode - Risto Virkkala

Deveo is a spin-off from Eficode founded in 2014. The learnings from several customised version control systems to the telecom sector led to developing own product to a wider customer base. Eficode services to Deveo customers have ranged from support, deployment and consultation to the full outsourcing of the software development environments.

Perforce continues strong product development efforts in Finland and the former CEO of Deveo Oy Ilmari Kontulainen will continue as CTO for Helix TeamHub.


For more information:

Risto Virkkala, CEO of Tech Consulting Group TCG Oy

risto.virkkala@eficode.com, +358 40 501 8434


Colleen Kulhanek, VP of Marketing, Perforce Software

ckulhanek@perforce.com, +1 612-517- 2069