In 2018, Eficode set up a software development curriculum for high school students together with Rovio and Unity. As of February 2019, KOODI101 classes are back in Greater Helsinki, teaching high schoolers that, far from the stereotype, coding is easy, interesting, and fun.

Eficode is bringing 21st-century software development to high schools

A Finnish-language press release on KOODI101 came out earlier this week.

KOODI101 is a practical series of Finnish-language software development classes aimed at high school students. The curriculum was designed by Eficode’s CTO, Marko Klemetti, in cooperation with Unity and Rovio.

The thing that differentiates KOODI101 from other software development courses aimed at teenagers is how rooted it is in practice. By the end of the 8-week stretch of biweekly classes, each student possesses the skills to develop and publish an online software programme which makes use of IoT.

And it isn’t watered-down coding either. KOODI101 teaches how to use professional software development tools, thereby shedding light on what working as a software developer is like.

Last year saw the high-flyers of KOODI101 make it to Eficode for a paid summer internship where they got their hands dirty with real client projects.

The KOODI101 curriculum

The course takes place over 8 weeks, with classes twice a week. One of the weekly lessons is run by a specialist at Eficode, and the second is run by a high school teacher or a student from the previous year’s cohort.

Eficode aims for KOODI101 to be replicable, something that is made possible by the course materials. Eventually, high school teachers and high-flyers will be able to run KOODI101 classes independently.

The course walks students through different aspects of creating software, such as usability and user interfaces, development and publishing, not to mention IoT and game development.

Currently there’s a class of 25 students from a range of high schools in Espoo participating in KOODI101.

Feel free to talk to us about getting KOODI101 to a high school near you! We’re also happy to help organizations and companies with training days for professionals in the field. Do be in touch.

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