Yes, DevOps is more than just Dev and Ops joined together in a word. As a software development methodology DevOps represents a revolution that's far more radical than this flippant Valentine's Day cartoon lets on. Then again, it's Valentine's Day today so let's get whimsical!

DevOps is one of the most charming couples tech has offered in recent memory, even if Dev is shaped like a banana. 

Let's get sentimental

Though there may be bumps in the road to the perfect union of Dev and Ops, it’s worth persevering as the end result is total bliss.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day with your loved ones! Eficode’s Valentine’s day cartoon has been downloaded from the weird and wonderful mind of our UX Research Director, Raino Vastamäki.

As per always, Eficode is your trusted partner in all things DevOps, Cloud, UX, and design!

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