Used by employers as a benefit-in-kind service for employees, ePassi’s digitalised vouchers are in demand. ePassi only charges employers for the actual amount of services used, and its background system takes care of the payment transactions independently, without any middlemen. Consequently, the savings accrued by employers are substantial.

ePassi wished to develop the user experience offered by its service. Previously, payments through ePassi already took place by identification through a mobile phone, but then it was desired to provide users with the opportunity to pay for sports and cultural services via a mobile app.

The app had to be rolled out to the users fast. The small company also wanted to implement the application as cost-effectively as possible.

During the phase of concept design, we outlined the app’s core functionalities together with ePassi’s people: In what kinds of situations would ePassi be used? How could the payments be made even easier and faster? How could users be persuaded to return to the same locations again?

The Finnish–Chinese hybrid model was selected for the system’s implementation. In Finland, a project manager, a GUI designer, and a software architect handled the application on a part-time basis; and in Eficode’s Beijing office, two full-time developers worked on the app. By utilising an agile Scrum methodology, it was ensured that the rapidly developing application better serves the client’s business requirements, iteration by iteration.

In comparison with a conventional implementation, the hybrid model achieved cost savings of 40 percent.

Because the software was built in two shifts, the time-to-market was shortened by weeks. The Android app and the working Application Programming Interface (API) were completed in less than two months from the idea’s conception. Later on, apps for iPhone and Windows Phone were developed too.

”Since ePassi’s start, Eficode has been involved in creating our system’s background processes and developing our competitiveness. When I get a development idea, I know that the Eficodeans are able to translate it into technology. These guys are not content with just doing what is stated. They ensure that I get the business benefits that I sought in the first place.”

Tommy Sarja
Development Director

The desired change in user behaviour was realised: a group of previously passive users was able to be galvanised into paying for sports and cultural services through ePassi Mobile.


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