DevOps Tooling Morning 2019 on 31st of January, 2019 in Amsterdam.

DevOps Automation: Enhancing through-put and compliancy

In this event you will see how to automate DevOps toolchain, what are the typical use cases, and how to enhance velocity and compliancy. This event is free of charge, and has a technological focus. It is targeted for DevOps specialists, architects and team leaders in Finance and Telecommunication sectors.


08:30 Registration & Breakfast

08.45 DevOps Transformation journey

Heikki Hämäläinen, CCO, Eficode

09:00 Saving money with Consolidations

Kalle Sirkesalo, Eficode

Atlassian has multitude of products in multitude of deployment patterns. In this talk I will go through consolidation steps and gains. We will also take a look what to do after the consolidation and why to do the consolidation from management perspective to offer a drill down view to environments.

09:45 DevOps Automation with Puppet Bolt & Puppet Enterprise

Kevin Reeuwijk, Sr Sales Engineer of Puppet

Learn how you can easily automate complex application deployments with Puppet Bolt and ensure continuous compliance in day-to-day operations with Puppet Enterprise.

10:30 Break

10:45 Customer case about Puppet & Atlassian implementation

Ronald Horst, Aegon Insurance

11:30 Networking & meet our experts