Let's Talk about DevOps, what it is, what is its business value. Play a game in which you can explore the advantages of small batch size and risks associated with large batch size

->Eficode Praqma;
->Agile Gothenburg; 
->Göteborg Continuous Delivery Meetup.

Sari Haj Hussein.

Emily Bache and Samuel Ytterbrink.

Meetup Overview And Benefits:
The meetup will start with a talk on what DevOps is, its business value according to the latest research, and its high-level principles. Then the concept of batch size will be introduced through a practical example. DevOps recommendation on reducing batch size will be analyzed afterwards.
Next, the participants will be invited to play a game through which they get to explore the advantages of small batch size and the risks associated with large batch size.
This meetup is organized by Agile Gothenburg Meetup and Göteborg Continuous Delivery Meetup.

5:30 PM Mingle and sandwiches
6:00 PM Welcome and introduction (Emily and Samuel)
6:15 PM Talk; DevOps and its Principles (Sari)
6:45 PM Break
7:00 PM DevOps game
8:00 PM Mingle and discussion
8:30 PM Close

Intended Audience
Agile/DevOps change agents, transformation managers, trainers and coaches, delivery and release managers, management consultants, continuous integration/delivery/deployment engineers.


Additional info
See https://www.agilegothenburg.org/events/meetups/exploring-devops-principles-through-a-game for more information.