Welcome to the first-ever Finland Raspberry Jam on 2nd March at Eficode

Raspberry Jam 2nd March at Eficode

This is a special event for us as we are celebrating Raspberry Pi's 7th birthday with the Raspberry Pi Community here in Finland. Join us for our Raspberry Jam Big Birthday event, taking place alongside other Raspberry Jams across the world!

What is a Raspberry Jam?

A Raspberry Jam is an event for adults and children of all ages to come together and learn about Raspberry Pi and coding in general.


Would you like to know more about the Raspberry Pi computer? It really doesn't matter if you haven't written code before or don't have a Raspberry Pi.

The event will include:
- Show and tell (bring along your own Raspberry Pi and share what you have made with us)
- Raspberry Pi hacking with a practical challenge
- Python Basics code school
- Refreshments will be available