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    SecOps Guide


    Continuously develop your data security

    The starting point for experimenting with the automatic security testing depends on the baseline.

    Many processes related to data security and maintenance are repetitive. However, they can be automated using modern tools and methods.

    Cyber security risks are often visible in a technology level. However, the causes of cyber risks are the most frequenly elsewhere. The case might be that during the software development, the understanding in the creation has been lacking or there has not been enough resources for the ensurement of cyber security. Besides different technology solutions, it is necessary to enhance both project management and employee actions to control information security comprehensively.

    The control of information security includes both manual and repetitive tasks. As you may know, manual work can be time consuming and risky for errors. That is why automation comes in. Without investing in automation, testing will become a bottleneck and it's quality decreases

    This Secops guide will present you different levels of information security and ways how to automate its operations.

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