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By sharing what we know

As a thought leader, we share our understanding of relevant competences, methodologies and tools we use in our ongoing conquest to become a better service provider and trusted partner in the digital space. Our talented and experienced people, who are passionate about their work, answer consistently to the biggest questions on the minds of our customers on particular topics. Thought leadership means for us that we provide the best and deepest answers in formats our customers likes to consume. We create content that is recognised by others as innovative, covering trends and topics that influence our and our customer’s industry. But ultimately, we believe that our materials inspire you to act – to take the next step in your transformation journey.


An Eficode Quick Guide

Devops is a software development method for a post-agile world. It is based on automation, virtualization and smart tool choices.

Boring, repetitive work is left for robots while people get to focus on the best part of software production: creative and customer- oriented development work.

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DevOps Platform

An Eficode Quick Guide

With ever-digitalizing world, the ability to react to innovation and customer needs has emerged as a significant success factor.

This requires transformation that can be achieved by combining practices, tools, and environments into one manageable ecosystem.

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A Quick Guide by Eficode & Silverskin

You can invest in information security to achieve the desired level of risk almost as much as you can.

It is important to know what and at what stage the contributions are made to maximize the impact.

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Test Automation & Robot Framework

An Eficode Quick Guide

Test automation is not just a cost-cutter.
Test automation helps driving development more effectively, react to customer requirements better and release changes for customers much faster.

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DataOps and Analytics

An Eficode Quick Guide

Digitalization, Big Data, IoT and automatization are transforming the market at an accelerating speed. Business managers need better insight for decision-making, and customers are constantly demanding improvements to the customer experience.

DataOps and analytics are tools to respond these needs. Value for business and customers are generated through data science, data engineering, data management, big data, business intelligence and the like.

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