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    A Guide to DevOps

    DevOps is a software development method for a post-agile world. It is based on automation, virtualization and smart tool choices. 

    Boring, repetitive work is left for robots while people get to focus on the best part of software production: creative and customer- oriented development work.

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    DevOps Platform

    With the ever-digitalizing world, the ability to react to innovation and customer needs has emerged as a significant success factor. This requires transformation that can be achieved by combining practices, tools, and environments into one manageable ecosystem.

    DevOps Platform Guide

    A Quick Guide by Eficode & Silverskin


    You can invest in information security to achieve the desired level of risk almost as much as you can. It is important to know what and at what stage the contributions are made to maximize the impact.

    Our guide to SecOps

    DEVOPS 2018

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