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Everything is code

The opportunities provided by digitalization and automation change the field of operations for businesses with everincreasing speed. The technical superiority of products is no longer a significant competitive factor as companies must be able to fulfill their customers’ needs more comprehensively than previously – using new channels and operational models. Read more from our Platform guide how... 

  • To combinine practices, tools, and environments into one manageable ecosystem.
  • To provide tools that can be used to measure development, production, and the reactions of the projects’ end users.
  • The developers and testers can focus on the essential when the approach is clear and logical.
  • To manage users of different tools in a centralized manner.
  • You can strengthen the communications when the development pace is growing.
  • You are able to answer to the continuous changes on your environment, decrease the costs and create new revenue.
  • You are able to utilize Big Data solutions, container technology, virtualization, cloud services and test data in your software development.
  • You are able get to start your Devops environment with Eficode's Root Service. 

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