Eficode has reached Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner status across five countries: Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

This move signals Eficode’s commitment to spread its presence as an Atlassian partner in Europe, specializing in DevOps. Atlassian’s teamwork tools sit at the heart of scaling DevOps in an enterprise setting.

“Our goal is to spread DevOps adoption so that companies can release great software faster and more smoothly. Atlassian’s tools underpin an innovative DevOps culture, which is why Eficode being a Platinum Solution Partner in five countries is great news for DevOps in Europe,” said Ilari Nurmi, Eficode’s CEO.

Eficode has a track record as a notable DevOps partner for Atlassian, as the company was named Atlassian’s DevOps partner of the year in September 2018. This year, Atlassian will be present as a Platinum event partner at DEVOPS 2020, Eficode’s flagship DevOps event for technical experts and business leaders.

Helping companies make the most of the Atlassian stack

Atlassian tools typically used in a DevOps environment include Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket and Jira Align. Eficode has more than a decade of experience helping companies make the most of their Atlassian tools, whether through implementation, scaling, configuration, training or maintenance.

“We use Atlassian tools to optimize several of our products. Eficode is continuously guiding us with their DevOps expertise, to make the most efficient use of our Atlassian suite,” said Kenneth Jes Juliussen, Head of Development Support at Bankdata, one of the largest financial technology companies in Denmark.

Alongside tailored services, Eficode provides maintenance and support of Atlassian tools as a managed service so that developers can work proactively on providing more value to customers. Here, companies can rest assured that vulnerability fixes and security patches are dealt with in a timely way and that plugins work well.

Atlassian tools also form part of the Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform, which spans the entire software development lifecycle, from requirements management to Continuous Delivery and analytics.

Atlassian describes Solution Partners as “Atlassian advisors, consultants, trainers and thought leaders, whose value goes far beyond your product expertise. Solution Partners provide consulting, sales, and technical services to deliver and implement customer solutions on Atlassian products.”

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About Eficode

Eficode is the leading DevOps company in Europe, driving the DevOps movement across six countries with ideas that put customer value and team satisfaction on center stage. Eficode was doing DevOps before the term even existed by advising global brands on how to make software more effectively. Today, Eficode transforms companies with unmatched DevOps expertise and solutions like the Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform, a DevOps Toolchain as a service. Eficode’s community of more than 300 professionals is building the future of software development together.

To learn more about Eficode’s work with Atlassian, visit Eficode’s Atlassian services.

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