A leading DevOps company, Eficode, has established a partnership with Sonatype, a global software company specializing in risk management of open source development.

DevSecOps ecosystems around Europe

"Partnering with Eficode is a great opportunity for us because we believe it will drive education around DevSecOps ecosystems around Europe," says Steve Millard, the International Channel Manager at Sonatype.

Sonatype’s tools have already been part of the Eficode ROOT DevOps platform for quite some time. Eficode ROOT is a software production line provided as a managed service (SaaS).

“Together with Sonatype, we can bring the best DevSecOps technologies and practices to our customers, by integrating vulnerability and licence scans to automated SW development and testing cycles. Which is extremely important. We’ve been able to serve our clients even better than before by providing them with more complete managed software assembly line tooling,” comments Niko Herold, Vice President of Eficode ROOT.

This new partnership creates new opportunities for customers to identify vulnerabilities in their operations.

"Eficode ROOT customers now have the flexibility to automate their security and compliance,  scanning apps and identifying the open source components to detect any vulnerabilities that may be present," adds Millard.

More flexibility for product licenses

The partnership gives Sonatype’s customers flexibility in how they wish to subscribe to Sonatype’s product licenses. Companies can now purchase Sonatype’s licenses as a service, which means that they can outsource the support, hosting, and maintenance tasks related to those licenses to the Eficode ROOT tooling team.

This frees up their software developers from time-consuming maintenance tasks so they can focus on value-creating projects which support core business goals.

“The Eficode ROOT team is at the global vanguard of continuous delivery expertise and has a wide range of tooling and integration experience. Name the tool, and we’ve placed it in a software production line,” adds Herold.


Press contact

Niko Herold, Vice President International Operations at Eficode
niko.herold@eficode.com, +358 40 565 0002

Steve Millard, the International Channel Manager at Sonatype
smillard@sonatype.com, +44 (0) 7929 675747

About Eficode

Eficode (www.eficode.com) is a DevOps, software, automation, and design company with offices in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. Eficode is building the future of software development and digital services with almost 300 experts. Since 2005, Eficode has been the trusted advisor of customers looking to become better at creating software. The company was an early adopter of DevOps in Europe.

What is Eficode ROOT?

Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform is a software production line which helps companies build software more efficiently.

Software production lines are a set of interconnected tools that software development teams  use daily. New features and code changes move from tool to tool through all stages of building software, such as requirement management, version control, and quality assurance. Automation strips repetitive work from the process and reduces the risk of human error.

Eficode ROOT covers all the tools required by modern software development which can be pick and mixed to meet customer needs. Companies can outsource tooling maintenance and support, activities which distract many software developers from their daily work. We also host the tools. So that your software developers concentrate on creating value for your own customers.

You get centralized access control and real-time visibility of project status, quality, and performance thanks to Eficode ROOT integrations between the tools.

Eficode ROOT comes as a managed service (SaaS). Eficode ROOT experts can also help with other tooling needs.