Atlassian’s DevOps Partner of the Year becomes Platinum solution partner.

Eficode had some great news last week: our Atlassian partnership got upgraded to Platinum!

As the reigning Atlassian Partner of the Year for DevOps (2018), this is yet another string to add to our bow.

Praqma is also a Platinum Atlassian Solution Partner

Praqma, a Scandinavian Continuous Delivery and DevOps consultancy that Eficode joined forces with in May 2019, was already a Platinum partner. In this sense, our upgrade last week is proof that together we are stronger!

Thank you, Eficode ROOT team!

The Eficode ROOT team is the engine behind this achievement. They work with large companies when it comes to the Atlassian Stack, comfortably making us an enterprise partner. Members of the team have been getting certified as a matter of priority, to provide visible proof that we adhere to the highest Atlassian standards in our day-to-day work.

Atlassian’s Platinum Solution Partners meet the company’s “highest training criteria and have a proven practice that can scale from small to large customers.”
As for what Atlassian partners do, they provide consulting services, training, and help customise Atlassian products for customers.

The Atlassian Stack forms part of Eficode ROOT

Atlassian products are integrated into Eficode ROOT, our state of the art DevOps Platform. Although Eficode ROOT is entirely pick-and-mix in terms of the tools customers can choose to form part of their software production line, many companies choose Atlassian tools, such as Jira for requirements and project management and Confluence for document management and team comms.