Eficode ROOT Insights is a DevOps analytics solution which gives management and teams alike much-needed visibility of their software lifecycle with convenient dashboards.

ROOT Insights provides much-needed visibility of software lifecycles

Helsinki, Finland--6 November 2019--Eficode, Europe’s leading DevOps company, today announced a new DevOps analytics solution called Eficode ROOT Insights (ROOT Insights). The solution gives management and teams alike much-needed visibility of their software lifecycle with convenient dashboards assembled from data produced by software and DevOps tools.

Eficode ROOT Insights empowers teams to keep improving independently in a data-driven way and provides management with visibility without having to burden the teams with reporting. Analytics solutions help build a data-driven culture of trust, a cornerstone of DevOps, Agility and innovation.

“As the leading DevOps company in Europe, we have heard executives from multiple industries express the need for greater visibility over their company’s software process. Eficode ROOT Insights answers that demand,” said Ilari Nurmi, Eficode’s CEO.

According to the Gartner Maximize the Success of Enterprise Agile: Utilize DevOps as the Accelerator report, “the intangible nature of software products and services makes measuring customer value delivery performance challenging. Application leaders should focus the measurements on outcomes rather than outputs, and decisions should be data-driven. The key metrics and production telemetry should be visible to all, as transparency enables trust and drives alignment to organizational objectives.” (Gartner “Maximize the Success of Enterprise Agile: Utilize DevOps as the Accelerator,” Akis Sklavounakis, Mike West, 30 September 2019)

Quality snapshot dashboard
ROOT Insights has two types of dashboards: Snapshots, which demonstrates the situation on the ground right now, and Trends, which shows progress over a longer period of time. The QA view Snapshot (above) presents information on quality and risk: the current status of untested features, continuous integration test automation status, bugs, vulnerabilities, hotspot analysis of frequently changing code, and test type ratios.

Immediate insights into software creation and tooling

Eficode ROOT Insights forms part of the Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform, an end-to-end suite of integrated and automated software and DevOps tools, such as the Atlassian stack and open source systems like Jenkins and Kubernetes. ROOT Insights collects and visualizes data from these tools. The solution can also be connected to an existing toolchain as a standalone analytics solution.

ROOT Insights allows companies to track how a feature is moving through the pipeline. Leaders and teams can make judgements on operational risks, scrutinize work in progress, and see how DevOps transformations are progressing through the window of tool usage: are teams using best practice?

A customizable and extensible analytics solution

As a DevOps analytics solution, Eficode ROOT Insights is future-proof with a vision to provide predictability and capture over a decade of knowledge of DevOps best practice from Europe’s leading DevOps company.

“We’ve built ROOT Insights so that we can continuously come up with new ways to combine data into relevant metrics and visualize them. The wide-ranging tool selection for the Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform means companies can use their favorite tools and stay on top of latest tool innovations, while now gaining visibility over their software development lifecycle,” said Eficode ROOT Head of R&D, Mika Aho.

Management trends dashboard
The Management Trends Dashboard is a configurable management trends view which shows time series data for metrics such as: work in progress (WIP), work completion rate, builds per day and ratio between passed and failed test runs. Most of the data collected by ROOT Insights can be visualized as a trend.

DevOps has gone mainstream because it enables software to be created faster and at a higher quality. The operational efficiency in software production presented by automation-driven SaaS DevOps Platforms like Eficode ROOT reduces the risk of system downtime, cyber threats, data loss, and even staff turnover.

Mika Aho and Ilari Nurmi-2

Eficode ROOT Head of R&D, Mika Aho, together with Ilari Nurmi, Eficode's CEO. 

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The Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform is a leading DevOps Platform which spans the entire software development lifecycle, from requirements management to Continuous Delivery and analytics, integrating together tools such as the Atlassian stack and open source systems like Jenkins and Kubernetes. The platform comes as a managed service (SaaS), which means companies can outsource their tooling maintenance and support needs and focus on value creation. Readily available DevOps expertise, combined with world-leading automation and tool integrations, makes the Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform a foundation of velocity, stability, and security. Eficode ROOT provides centralized access control and real-time visibility of project status, quality, and performance. For more information, visit https://www.eficoderoot.com/.

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