We have some exciting news. On the 5th of March Eficode was announced as the winner of the Sonatype EMEA Partner Awards 2020 for our dedication to learning and training.

Sonatype is a global software company specializing in risk management of open source development.

"Eficode achieved our Partner 'Dedication to Training and Education' award this year. As a partner, they demonstrate a true commitment to consistent learning and enablement in order to deliver their customers value at scale in an increasingly tough DevSecOps market,” said Wai Man Yau, VP International at Sonatype.

Security is a seatbelt for DevOps

DevSecOps is the collaborative process between development, operations, and security specialists that allows them to work in unison to create quality software.

We’ve noticed that many companies fail to implement practices that can prevent breaches when using open source components. According to the State of the Software Supply Chain Report 2019, the top 5% of projects remediate security vulnerabilities within 21 days. Security is not a separate part of the software development pipeline. It is an inseparable part of it.

Helping customers to choose the best option

The Sonatype award recognizes Eficode’s commitment to training its experts about DevSecOps technologies. We deliver the same level of training to all of our personnel in each of the 7 countries where we operate so that our customers can receive the best DevSecOps knowledge available.

“By training our employees about different technologies, we are making sure that our customers receive the latest knowledge around the DevOps tools. This way, we can help customers to choose technologies that bring the highest value to their business,” said Marko Klemetti, CTO at Eficode.

Eficode is dedicated to training customers and fellow professionals in the DevOps community all around the world.

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