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    How to improve your DevOps capability in 2020

    Watch the on-demand video from Marko Klemetti's talk at DEVOPS 2020

    We’ve got DevOps in place. Then what?

    In this presentation, Marko Klemetti presents three actions you can take to improve your DevOps capabilities, as well as how you can make your work more efficient and more enjoyable. This applies to all of you regardless of your current DevOps capabilities and maturity level.

    As the lockdown shock has leveled, and most organizations have established their remote working processes, it’s time to take a look at the current DevOps trends against organizations on different maturity levels. This presentation gives you ideas on how you can improve your tooling, culture, or processes, regardless if you are in the beginning or already advanced in your DevOps journey.


    Watch the video of this talk