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Usability testing and customer research – testing methodology for varying situations

We increase your customer insight and improve your service’s usability, accessibility and user experience

Investing in usability helps you make products that are pleasant to use and better match the needs of actual users. A service or product that users find valuable and fluent increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. In products for professional use, you save working time and reduce the amount of errors when the product suits the user’s actual work. Product development costs decrease and product quality increases when usability is taken into account already in early stages of development.

Why usability research?

In usability research, we offer an extensive selection of methods for developing services and for varying stages of product development. The methods often work on their own, but they are especially effective when combined with agile development and each other. We are also happy to tailor varying studies for your needs.

We can complement qualitative usability research with quantitative methods, such as surveys and data analytics. The underlying causes of the problems discovered through analytics can best be revealed through qualitative research.

For more information, contact:


Raino Vastamäki

Director of UX Research

raino.vastamakiconsultancy@eficode.com +358 (0) 50 309 6169