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Design Audit

How Mature Are Your Design Operations?

There are dozens of factors that affect the maturity of your design operations. Are your designers using tools that make collaboration easier and measurable? Are they using the right tools for the job or sticking to outdated software? How easy is it for them to take advantage of the knowledge in other departments in your company?

Do you have an easily understood design system and/or pattern libraries? Is the company culture supporting design-led projects? Are your designs being tested effectively with users? Are important decisions made through guesswork or using defined metrics and analytics? The list stretches on.


"Design should be embedded to the whole process: from discovery to building, from release to the future. It's not just how, but what should be designed and why."

- Mervi Rauhala, Service Designer

Maturity Check

Our product development consultants spend weeks embedded in your company, experiencing all stages of design and development. We do this to give you the answer to three key questions:

  • Are the designers and developers in your organisation collaborating effectively, using the tools and best practices for modern product development?
  • What practices and tools are holding your designers back?
  • What more could they do to eliminate unnecessary friction?

Find you maturity level, contact:

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