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Design consultation

Human-centered designers at your service.

Eficode has an end-to-end design offering portfolio: Strategic, Business, Product, Service, UX/UI, Visual and Front-End design, and full-stack development. We create new business, generate new service concepts and improve existing services together with users and customers.

We were one of the first to adopt user-centric design and research methods, and in the past 15 years, we’ve never looked back since. We are the most sought after usability specialists, conducting more tests annually than any other company in Finland.


Our team is a passionate mixture of experienced and raw talent -- Professionals who want to create lean, streamlined solutions to real problems.

Design isn’t just about the look and feel. To us, it’s the tools we use to move towards our preferred future.

- Janne Tompuri, Design Director

Design at Eficode

Eficodeans prefer to operate in multidisciplinary teams, with shared understanding of the latest technological trends & basics, as well as the qualitative research forefront knowledge appliance.

Our designers shape and ship multi-channel digital consumer and producer services. Our projects have made a positive impact in customer service, communication, marketing, sales tools, product development and management. The assignments we have range from few day tasks to decade long projects.

Let's build together.

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