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Design systems

A single point of truth

A design system is a library of components, patterns and rules that designers and developers can refer to, and use when developing a product. You could call this a “single point of truth” for the organization.

A growing company needs to maintain a unique and unified brand identity, user experience and methodology. However, as teams grow to target new markets, platforms and channels, designing at scale becomes near impossible without a well-made design system and pattern library.

We enable organizations to create bespoke design systems as there's no one-size-fits-all solution for this.

“Try making a car with a continuously changing team of engineers, with no standardised tools or rules. Each engineer comes to the table with their own proprietary parts and can’t explain them to the others, and starts on the car from scratch. That’s what designing and coding without a design system feels like.”

–Tuomas Lilja, Lead UX Designer

Why Implement a Design System?

Teams that implement well-maintained design systems efficiently avoid the brand chaos that occurs when ‘guessing’ about things like colors, spacing, tone of voice and other repeated brand and UI elements.

Most forward-looking industry giants use some form of a design system to keep their development and design teams aligned. A quick list of companies with evolving design systems can be found here. Eficode can help your company join their ranks with a ‘single point of truth‘ for all UI and brand decisions in your company.

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