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Immersive experiences in VR & AR

What is an Immersive Experience?

Bluntly put, we're living in a time of extended reality. Now more than ever, companies have the tools they need to tell engaging stories that can truly immerse users in new ways. However, using these tools effectively requires experience and an experimental mindset. The XR space is developing everyday, and we Eficodeans are keeping pace with it. 

We are ready to help your company use every tool in the XR arsenal to the limits of imagination.

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and all the other buzzwords just refer to interfaces and tools. Nobody wants ‘VR’ or ‘AR’. They want the same things they’ve been getting from the best stories, games and movies: an immersive experience that opens up previously unthought possibilities.

We can use all of the tools above and many more to deliver exactly that: an experience like no other.

- Kauri Salonen, Lead Strategist

Interactions in 3D Space

Interested in shaping the future of VR with us and hundreds of Finland’s VR enthusiasts? Join the conversation at our ‘Interactions in 3D Space’ meetup.

The technology behind VR and AR is advancing very fast, but it has not delivered on the expectations of the businesses.

We built the Ix3D meetup group to get rooms full of enthusiasts to learn from each other and to spark ideas of what to create together.

Help create the future of xR, contact:

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