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Mobile app from a single codebase

Ecosystems that fit in your pocket

Companies that deliver mobile applications with purpose driven user experiences and frictionless interactions win the hearts of their customers by creating added value and meaningful usage of new innovations.

More than 60% of the people that interact with your services will do so on a mobile device. That’s a fact. We can help you make a constantly evolving mobile application experience that delivers exactly what your users need, with style.



A mobile device is your digital hub in your pocket. Mobile interaction has many unique characteristics, e.g. we can use apps on the go and for a very short period of time. Knowing where and how users engage with their mobile apps is the key.

- Jarkko Polvi, UX Designer

Why A Single Codebase?

We can help you build web services that learn better, iterate faster and evolve organically from usage over time. Success in business is built on customer understanding. Industry leaders learn quickly from the immense amount of data their customers generate, and iterate efficiently and at scale.

Do you want a scalable mobile app?

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