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Service Jam Session

Find the Groove

Eficode is home to more than 200 professionals from all branches of product development: Design, Development, UX research, Analysis, DevOps and automation. Digital Product Building (DPB) is our methodology that ensures efficient collaboration between all these branches.

We host Service Jam Sessions to solve complex problems for our clients applying our approach. They are designed to deliver a validated service concept, a working prototype and a strategic roadmap within weeks. This is made possible by sidestepping internal politics, decision-making based on actionable metrics and using the pattern libraries in our battle-tested design systems to speed up development.

"A Service Jam session clarifies vague ideas and gut feelings about the product strategy into concrete long term goals, a defined roadmap and tangible/measurable metrics to measure progress and steer key decisions.

A SJS brings together into one pipeline all the core competencies needed to develop the service along with the key decision makers.  Business development managers, product developers, product owners, managers, marketing etc. and top management and CxO level executives."

– Iikko Kuusela, Service Designer

Session Timeline

A Service Jam Session is broken up into seven stages:

Find the Groove
  • Catching new business opportunities, defining long term goals, identifying potential obstacles, clarifying resources in hand, setting key deadlines and decision points
Round Up the Band
  • Assembling the perfect multidisciplinary mix of Eficode’s future builders with key decision makers from your team.
Minimum Vibe
  • Clarifying MVP and Key features, preparing for development
  • “A product with just enough features to gather validated learnings about the concept and it’s continued development. “
Play Through
  • Devops-driven development begins, designers and developers work together to create the minimum viable  product/service for market launch
Keep Your Head Up As You Go
  • Measure customers' reactions to the product and their behaviors, iterate to improve early stage product from the learnings
Feel The Vibe 
  • Continuous development
  • Growth hacking
  • Continued support from Eficode (both for design & development)
Own the Stage
  • Enjoy your market leader position
  • Prepare for competition

Let's validate your concept together:

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