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Training at Eficode

Containers & Orchestration training

“Enter a world where components are separately upgradable, a world where automated software quality gates keep an eye on the quality of your software!”

Microservice architecture supports fast software creation and improved maintainability. Well designed and implemented container and orchestration strategy helps a development team to increase customer satisfaction at the application service level. Additionally, once you combine these best practices with cloud service providers’ different availability zone, you’ll be able to support your business ambitions even better than before.

Our Containers & Orchestration training suite


When is it needed?

Most services are running 24/7, which means they need to change at a fast pace and need to be configurable with a reasonable amount of work.

New projects are easier to set up with microservices, containers, and orchestration. Also, many existing application services could be transformed to utilize containers by modifying architecture slightly.

Eficode's training is for any development team (or member of a team) that is aiming for scalable, configurable, and maintainable software, but may have stumbled upon challenges on their journey with containers and setting up services.

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How will Containers & Orchestration training benefit you?

Eficode has vast experience of tools and service development and how to handle these situations in the most efficient way possible.

Fear not if you haven't got experience with containers – with hands-on exercises, you'll get a strong understanding of the basic workflow.

Next, we can take it a step further and create various services with multiple containers and have everything running in the cloud. 

When it comes to cloud computing, we can also advise on different cloud service providers and which ones meet your requirements.

All in all, you’ll get a honed information package that will help you progress in the DevOps world.

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How do we do it?

Hands-on training sessions on virtualization, containers and orchestration will get you the best possible outcome in the real world.

During the training session, we’ll go through examples and create a demo-able web service running in a container, set up a generic software development pipeline, and go through best practice.

Enter a world where you define your infrastructure and keep your business not only up and running, but thriving.