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Eficode's DevOps Training Suite

Hands-on DevOps

“DevOps is a change in mindset leading to improved visibility and fulfilled business requirements.”

It all starts at the team level with small steps, but at the same time, DevOps has to be supported by the management level in order for the needed organizational changes to happen.

Hands-on DevOps training


When is our DevOps training suite needed?

Your business idea is good, but business could be better. Software projects are proceeding and business requirements end up in production with varying levels of success.  

It seems to take too long to get from the great idea to the final product. But overall, everything seems to be fine, maybe a little too fine.

You know something is missing but you’re not quite sure what it is.

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How will it benefit you?

Learn from the leading DevOps house in the Nordics!

Participants get a bird’s eye view of a software development methodology that is still taking the industry by storm: DevOps.

Customized topics accelerate the participants’ learning curve, so that they can take the next steps needed to make your business even more successful.

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How do we do it?

Eficode's DevOps department is a hive mind of around 80 DevOps specialists at the height of their careers.

Together, they’re working on countless projects across Europe at any one point in time – hundreds of projects a year.

You have the requirements and we have the knowledge to come up with feasible solutions for your company.