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Training at Eficode

Robot Framework

“Robot Framework (RF) is a test automation framework that improves the quality of your software. Eficode is a founding member of the Robot Framework Foundation. ”

Robot Framework supports automation in various ways and one can integrate it into any sophisticated software pipeline. It can be used, for example, as an automated acceptance testing framework, thereby also improving visibility to business requirements with clear test reports.

Our Robot Framework trainings


When is Robot Framework training needed?

RF is handy when you want to automate processes and improve software quality with automated test scripts.

If test reports are not clear enough and the link between business requirements and test cases is missing, a well designed test framework will help you achieve better automated testing.

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How will it benefit you?

With demos and valuable best practices examples, your test automation projects will get a good push towards more meaningful and efficient automated testing.

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How do we do it?

We’ve seen how hands-on training sessions are the quickest way to get an understanding about RF and its best practices.

During the RF training session, hands-on exercises will help each participant gain an understanding of how to improve software quality.

For example, they’ll learn to take reusable keywords into use in business requirements for RF test scripts.

Eficode and Robot Framework go way back. Our DevOps specialists have knowledge of the use, customization, and integration of RF with various CI/CD tools and environments.