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Training at Eficode

Certified SAFe training

“Play it SAFe.”

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a proven method for scaled agile development. It suits all product development purposes for organizations with over 50 developers. SAFe has been proven to lead to dramatic improvements to business agility, including productivity, time to market, quality, and employee engagement. Out of all the scaled agile frameworks around the world, SAFe is by far the most popular.

Certified SAFe training


When is certified SAFe training needed?

There are usually two ways for an organization to discover its need for SAFe methods.

  1. A burning platform

A company is failing to compete, and the existing ways of working are inadequate for achieving a new solution in time.

  1. Proactive leadership

In the absence of a burning platform, leadership must create a sense of urgency to proactively drive change by taking a stand for a better future.

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How will it benefit you?

The ‘big picture’ of SAFe is not just an organization chart. This is a common misunderstanding which sees management level members of your organization try and find themselves on that chart.

Instead, not all of the roles are not shown in the big picture. In fact, most of the roles are hidden behind a larger concept.  Think of SAFe more like a library – roles can always be added to your SAFe model.

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How do we do it?

Our Certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC4) has the necessary practical experience in SAFe environments to conduct inspiring and practical training sessions.

What’s more, Eficode has over 50 Certified SAFe Agilists doing great work in SAFe environments.