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    Software services

    We create tailored software for companies like yours

    We value quality and ensure it with modern automatization and testing tools.

    We are your professional partner in Agile software projects, with a strong focus on the customer and end user taking advantage of modern technology and Devops benefits.

    By combining our software development leadership with your domain expertise we will build the best solution together. We use our top expertise in modern Web, IoT and Mobile application development, and in cooperation with our partners, are able to outperform our competition in Big Data and AI.

    We prefer modern implementation languages such as React/Angular and Node.js (but also Java and Ruby on Rails) with microservice platforms running in different public or private clouds empowered with top of the line DevOps-tools including Docker. In addition to our technical strengths we are specialised in user centric design and research.

    Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in 4 weeks

    If you have a small, clear concept of what your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) should be, we can provide an implementation in just four weeks so that you get your product launched with a minimal time-to-market. After the MVP has been released, we can continue agile development if you think there is more value to be gained. Our highly automated DevOps platform “Root” and the Eficode's project template ensure a flying start for your project.

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    Due diligence or software audit

    When you are considering to acquire a business, of which the core lies in existing software, we can help you evaluate the current state of the software in relation to its life cycle and its expected role in future investments. Or, if you are at a critical decision point where you would like to get an outside view on your existing software to decide whether or not to invest in the old system or replace it with a new one.

    Our team of specialists makes sure you have the correct data for that decision.

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