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    DevOps Sauna

    Welcome to Eficode's podcast about all things DevOps


    Sauna Sessions

    Debate: Minimum Viable Product, with Arto Kiiskinen, Harri Pendolin, and Christian Clausen, Eficode

    Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a version of a product with enough features to be used by early customers who can provide feedback for future development

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    Duration: 40 min

    Sauna Sessions

    Debate: Measuring R&D Effectiveness with Eero Jyske, ICEYE and Henri Hämäläinen, Eficode

    Measuring the success of product development can be frustrating because there are many metrics to choose from, just like there are so many tools

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    Duration: 64 min

    Sauna Sessions

    Interview: How submarine onboarding can enlighten SW companies, with Andy Allred

    Andy, who worked in the submarine for years, introduces us to how the onboarding process looks like there and what software companies can learn from it

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    Duration: 30 min

    The DEVOPS Conference 2021

    Talk: Towards trustworthy AI-based systems with Dr. William Scherlis Office Director, Information Innovation Office (I2O), DARPA

    Enjoy a replay of The DEVOPS Conference sessions conveniently through the DevOps Sauna podcast. This talk is hosted by Dr. William Scherlis Office Director at Information Innovation Office (I2O), DARPA

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    Duration: 33 min