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DevOps Sauna: a DevOps podcast

Welcome to our podcast about all things DevOps in Europe

Listen to experts and chill

Hi! You've come to the right address for a distinctly European brand of DevOps. Season 1 of Eficode's DevOps podcast, DevOps Sauna, will cover topics such as test automation, software production lines, and containerization.

Each episode of the podcast features an interview of someone who knows a little something about DevOps. The podcast is hosted by Eficode’s content writer, Heidi Aho.

Please let us know what topics you'd like us to cover by emailing podcast@eficode.com!

Episode 1: Embedded device test automation with Alice 

Setting up test automation for embedded devices has its unique challenges. This little podcast kicks off the first ever season of DevOps Sauna. Listen to the latest insights from "Alice" and chill. 

Episode 2: Black Ops, tools, and the pipeline with Mika Aho

Mika Aho is Eficode ROOT's Head of R&D and the man has an opinion or two about software tools. Even though he's sceptical about tools being handled in-house, Heidi discovers that it is possible to get some top tips out of him for building a centralised pipeline that actually works, and that the chances are slim that they are third cousins.