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    DevOps transformation

    Set the strategy to drive a successful DevOps transformation

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    Drive business performance

    Thanks to independent research like the State of DevOps report, we can prove that DevOps accelerates software delivery and that this, in turn, drives business performance. The best DevOps performers are more than twice as likely to achieve or exceed their objectives: profitability, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

    Software that customers love

    Give your customers what they want. With DevOps you can reduce the time from ideation to value creation by delivering software faster and ensuring that quality and usability is built in.

    Remove the pain and uncertainty of developing software

    DevOps practices enable you to deploy at any time and know exactly what you are releasing to production. Transparency, automation, and reproducibility are important benefits of DevOps. In addition, you can set DevOps metrics to measure your organization’s software performance.



    Timo Bruns


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    DevOps is no longer a competitive advantage. Today, DevOps adoption is so widespread that it has become an industry standard. The question is no longer: why should my company prioritize a DevOps transformation? Instead, it is: will we survive if we don’t?

    Marko Klemetti
    CTO of Eficode

    Read the DevOps guide

    How to drive a successful DevOps transformation

    DevOps is not someone you can hire or an off-the-shelf product you can buy. A combination of the right tools with the right approach is needed for businesses to realize their full DevOps potential. Read more in our DevOps for executives guide.

    Create a common understanding

    Successful digital transformation requires the whole organization to commit to a common culture of collaboration from C-level management to junior developers. From terminology to practices and metrics, we can help you speak the same language and set common goals.

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    DevOps for executives

    A seminar to get a good understanding of DevOps across your leadership team.
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    DevOps assessments

    Assess where your organization stands, and build a roadmap to better software.
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    Actionable insights

    Build development metrics and turn them into actions that drive business.
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    Improve cloud capacity

    Cloud capabilities

    Accelerate your transformation by fully leveraging the benefits of the cloud.
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    Continuous Delivery

    Build on Agile principles to create CI/CD pipelines and deliver value with every commit.
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    Continuous quality assurance

    Build quality into your software with test automation and usability testing.
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    When someone else comes in with a different perspective, you can really start to change and make a revolution

    Samuel Alinder
    Delivery Leader CI/CD for ESW at Volvo Group

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    Focus on the essential, we’ll manage your toolchain

    Managing your toolchain takes time at the expense of developing new projects. The Eficode ROOT team can take care of your DevOps tools.

    Eficode ROOT is a one-stop shop for software tooling. Our DevOps platform comes as a managed service.

    Eficode ROOT solutions integrate multi-vendor toolchains behind a unified, easy-to-use access management system. Eficode ROOT Insights also boost visibility with powerful analytics.

    See Eficode ROOT
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    Empower your teams and ensure technical excellence

    Software technologies and practices evolve very fast. To stay up-to-date, we offer hands-on training courses for teams on-site, and regular public training courses. Our trainers are consultants with teaching experience. 

    Book a training to master Git, Kubernetes, Jira, Robot Framework, SAFe®, or Jenkins… and more.

    See Eficode Academy

    Reap the rewards of the 5G revolution with DevOps

    Overcoming the uncertainty of the 5G era means transforming to a distributed cloud-based architecture and adopting completely new capabilities.

    This is where DevOps comes in. DevOps has a proven track record of improving time to market. DevOps enables Communication Service Providers to seize business opportunities beyond their current role of connectivity provider.

    See 5G DevOps
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    The Eficode method

    DevOps transformations need to be culture-driven by the leadership team. Then, it can scale from a team to a whole business unit and the entire organization. We also recommend establishing a community of practice or center of excellence to spread and maintain best practices across the organization.

    Do DevOps right

    Eficode specializes in guiding its clients on the journey to DevOps. We were doing DevOps before it was a word. We’ve seen DevOps transformations across industries and can advise on best practices related to culture and deployment pipelines beyond automation.

    Learning and improving as a primary goal

    There is no “one true way of working”. By reflecting on your processes and tools, and providing transparency and data, we can help you reach your ever-changing goals. Continuous improvement allows you to maintain a competitive advantage while retaining and developing your skilled staff.

    Empower your team

    Our consultants become part of your teams. We don’t just deliver a solution, we work alongside your employees as coaches and mentors to pass on Agile practices and technical skills.

    Want to talk more about your DevOps transformation?