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    DevOps assessments

    Discover a roadmap to better software

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    Drive organizational performance

    Make your software organization faster, safer, and better equipped to reach your objectives. A DevOps assessment motivates teams to harness automation and become a lean software organization. Our assessments drive organizational performance.

    Learn from hundreds of companies 

    At Eficode, we have helped hundreds of companies through their DevOps transformations. During the assessment, your team will learn best practices and gain insights from our experienced consultants and coaches. They’ve been working with DevOps maturity models since the very beginning. 

    Uncover hidden roadblocks and make a roadmap

    We will assess your processes: where they deliver value, and how they could be improved. We bring DevOps experts to investigate your technology setup and teamwork potential.



    Timo Bruns


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    The assessment process generated much discussion, brought a strong focus on investment in our systems and delivery processes, improved our ability to deliver IT change at speed, at lower risk and readied our business for widespread cloud adoption in line with our technology strategy.

    Sean Langton
    CTO of Bankwest

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    Our assessments

    No organization is the same, so you can pick the assessment that fits your needs.

    DevOps capability assessment

    Benchmark your entire development pipeline (including testing and production environments, DevOps culture, and release process) to see where you can improve.

    It entails: 

    • A kick-off meeting 
    • In-depth one-to-one interviews with different stakeholders in your team(s) over 6 weeks
    • A report which ranks how you compare to industry best practice and a roadmap of prioritized actions. 
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    Continuous Delivery assessment

    Build a common understanding of what Continuous Delivery means in your context and get a plan to improve.

    We organize:

    • A value stream workshop: our experts give a motivational talk, and then go straight into exercises to uncover the flow of value running through your organization. 
    • Six half-day workshops where we dive into specific areas (build, test, version control, DevOps, architecture and design, organization and culture.)
    • A presentation of a commonly agreed report and plan with concrete tasks for the team(s).
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    Online DevOps self-assessment

    For an overview of your DevOps capabilities that you can get in a matter of minutes, take our free Online DevOps self-assessment.

    The assessment consists of 16 questions about your existing practices. These will help you understand the areas where you're performing best, as well as identifying areas for improvement. 

    After this, we recommend reaching out for a full assessment with our experienced team. 

    Online devops assessment

    The Eficode approach

    A model-based assessment

    More than a decade’s worth of experience and learning from business cases in our DevOps capability model. There is no checklist or silver bullet to building DevOps practices, and so our model is used to ignite discussions and create change.

    Do DevOps right

    Eficode has pioneered this format and helped hundreds of companies on their DevOps journey. Our assessments have spanned across continents and industries.

    Let's talk about DevOps and how your organization is doing