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DevOps trends 2024 guide cover

agile, devops, software-development

DevOps trends 2024

Adapt for the future of AI-powered software development

Explore the key trends of 2024 that will define the intersection of AI and DevOps.

An illustration of a woman sitting in a loop looking at notes.

agile, devops, software-development

Mastering the art of building and launching products

9 modern software development tips you should know to achieve success

Stay ahead in the fast-paced world of software development.

A cover image for the winning customer experiences guide

design-and-ux, software-development

Building winning customer experiences

Ensure your product development empowers the customer experience

Consider your customers in every single department and action.

The scrum masters startup guide - cover

agile, software-development

The Scrum Master's startup guide

What you need to know to get up and running as a Scrum Master

Understand the big picture and get hands-on advice you can use immediately.

20 tips ITSM cover image with text

atlassian, itsm

20 tips for a successful ITSM implementation

Successfully implement ITSM using Jira Service Management

Bring value to your organization's investment in IT service management.

30-Minute Ninja Guide to Jira Basics Cover with text


30-minute Ninja Guide to Jira Basics

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to leverage Jira

Start seeing success fast by becoming a true shinobi in the art of Jira.

Git 101 COVER with text

ci-cd, devops

Git 101: A useful guide

Master the basics and become a Git expert in under 15 minutes

Handle small and large projects easily and accommodate diverse requirements.

GIT 201 Cover

ci-cd, devops

Git 201: Taking things to the next level

Advance your Git knowledge to another level

Learn the comprehensive tips and advice needed to upgrade your Git skills.

devops for execs guide cover


DevOps for executives

Understand the big picture of DevOps to achieve success

Learn the fundamentals of DevOps and how it can improve business outcomes.

Delivering continuous quality cover

agile, software-development

Delivering Continuous Quality

Build quality into your software development

Learn how to deliver high-quality products faster by automating your quality assurance.

20 European eCommerce sites report EN


20 European e-commerce sites

Learn about the state of accessibility practices in 2022

Find out how various online stores performed in our accessibility study.

Estimate guide COVER

ci-cd, devops, eficode-root

How to estimate DevOps toolchain costs

Gain a better look into your DevOps toolchains

Learn how to estimate DevOps toolchain maintenance and support costs.

Agile Ceremonies guide cover


Improving your Agile ceremonies

Evaluate your Scrum/Kanban practices and start improving now

Learn how to run your Agile ceremonies at their full potential.

Lean business case guide COVER


How to build a lean business case

Validate and pitch business potential in an Agile manner

Master this guide to build a lean, effective business case you can pitch anywhere.

DevOps and cloud guide cover

cloud, devops

Make the most of DevOps and cloud

Combine DevOps and cloud to achieve speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness

Reap the benefits of both and the weaknesses of neither.

The product owners startup guide - full Cover

agile, product-management

The Product Owner's startup guide

Find what you need to know to become a great Product Owner

Learn how to lay a great foundation and set yourself up for immediate success. 

devops platforms guide cover

devops, eficode-root

Make the most of DevOps platforms

Learn how to pick the right solution for your organization

Decide on the right approach to toolchains in your business.

embedded guide cover

devops, software-development

Developing embedded software with DevOps

Improve development processes by adopting DevOps practices

Accelerate software development and continuously deliver high-quality software.

Increase the effectiveness of your portfolios white paper cover


Increase the effectiveness of your portfolios

Manage all your portfolios easily and productively

Learn how to increase the effectiveness of your organization's portfolio management.

The most effective ways to create product user insight cover

agile, product-management

The most effective ways to create product user insight

Effectively produce user insight and make it actionable

Learn which methods for creating product user insight serve you best.

Service Management explained - Guide cover

atlassian, itsm

Service management explained

A complete guide to IT service management and ESM

Learn the latest ITSM and ESM trends and their benefits for various departments.

The Atlassian approach to ESM

atlassian, itsm

The Atlassian approach to ESM

See how Enterprise Service Management extends ITSM to other teams

Learn ESM and how it can empower you to deliver great service.

Guide Cover What is IT Service Management


What is IT Service Management

Learn how IT teams manage end-to-end delivery of IT services

Explore ITIL and DevOps and understand how they can work together.

Eficode Better Portfolio Management cover image with text

agile, product-management

Better Portfolio Management decision making with Jira Align

Enhance your portfolio management skills with Jira Align

Learn how Jira Align can help portfolio leaders make smart decisions quickly.

Ninja Guide to Jira Service Management Cover

atlassian, itsm

Ninja Guide to Jira Service Management

Vanish into the world of Jira Service Management

Enhance your team's productivity and ensure a seamless customer experience in JSM.

Accessibility guide


Accessibility of digital services

Learn how to make your digital services accessible

See what accessibility means, who it applies to, and why it's important to consider it.



Atlassian Server EOL (End-Of-Life)

Gain insight into the future of on-premise solutions 

Learn what’s to come for Atlassian Data Center customers and how Atlassian's helping.

Avoiding Big Bang guide cover

atlassian, cloud

Avoiding the Big–Bang

Migrate to the Atlassian Cloud the right way

Learn the limits of a Big–Bang Atlassian Cloud migration and the different options available.

Ninja guide to Jira Work Management


Ninja Guide to Jira Work Management

Help your non-IT teams master JWM like a true shinobi

Enable your teams to master their skills and workflows in Jira Work Management.

The way to business agility - white paper -cover


The way to business agility: The forces and counterforces

Learn how to realize the true potential of business Agility

Discover the forces/counterforces that steer organizations toward their goals.

AI-driven product organizations of the future

agile, product-management

AI-driven product organizations of the future

How will AI transform product organizations?

Get captured, refined, and presented insights and findings, reflecting AI technology’s dynamic...