We are recruiting 100 new Eficodeans this year

No nonsense, just results

Close cooperation and collaborative effort together with our clients. Goal-oriented projects. Transparency in the way we work, as well as with our end-products. User-centric software. Cost-efficiency. Freedom and responsibility for the personnel.

Everyday Eficode

Early bird or a morning snooze? Flexible working hours. Remote OK. Choose your own tools. When we learn, we teach each other (workshops, seminars, brown bags…)

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We love coffee

Professional coffee machines are at your disposal. You can be your own barista and start your day by brewing your own coffee from freshly ground beans.

Get-togethers and clubs

We have weekly sauna and special events. Our active eficodians also arrange movie & game nights, escape rooms and restaurant evenings. Have something exciting in mind? Lets make it happen!

Conferences and events

We offer you a chance for tickets to the best local & international events, so you can improve your expertise.


At Eficode you can enjoy the benefits of ePassi, which include: sports, cultural activities, public transportation and lunch benefits.

Stay connected

Eficode wants to guarantee that you stay connected, so we offer you a phone benefit and a home internet connection for those remote days!

Weekly event

For example a weekly beer and a few console games after a work week or something more active like crossfit.


In the morning we get together to enjoy breakfast, during the afternoon we have educational activities and after work we warm up the sauna and might even enjoy a few cold bewerages.

Fruits & sweets

The heart of our office is the kitchen. There is always fruits to snack on and occationally even a freezer full of ice cream. Sometimes you can even catch a glimpse of our CTO cooking up a delicious meal for everyone!

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