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    DevOps in the manufacturing sector

    Turn your software development into a competitive asset

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    Overcome the challenges of embedded software with DevOps

    Embedded software development poses a unique set of challenges. How can your updates be securely deployed to connected devices? How can you encourage frequent releases when safety is so crucial? With the right tools and the right approach, the principles of DevOps are perfectly compatible with embedded systems. You can benefit from them today.

    Adopt DevOps to produce more competitive hardware

    Adopt modern software development tools and practices to improve time to market and quality. By starting with version control and working towards automated testing, you can accelerate your software delivery pipeline. You’ll continuously deliver high-quality software to increase the value of your end-product.

    Get a more reliable and cost-effective software production line

    Consolidate your teams on one DevOps platform and manage your costs, risk, and performance. With a multi-vendor DevOps toolchain, you get the tools that fit your embedded software environment and increase your teams’ performance. You can focus on delivering value, while we automate and maintain your DevOps toolchain as a service.


    Aki Roivanen

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    DevOps transformation in the embedded world - The Konecranes case

    Watch this webinar from to learn more about DevOps transformation in the IoT world, and how your organization could benefit from DevOps and cloud solutions.

    Marko Klemetti, CTO of Eficode, introduces the best practices for DevOps transformations in cloud and embedded development. Then Sami Nurmi shares the case and learnings from Konecranes about their transformation on a standardized DevOps toolset and ways of working in the IoT world. 

    Watch on-demand webinar

    devops com webinar Konecranes 700x

    Get guidance on DevOps tooling and practices

    Assess capabilities and get a roadmap of prioritized actions

    A DevOps assessment motivates teams to harness automation and become a lean software organization and give management better visibility. We assess your processes, technologies, and teamwork to identify potential bottlenecks and silos. We then share with you the results and a roadmap to unlock business value.

    Our experts can advise you all the way to transform your culture and tooling strategy with DevOps.

    See assesments

    Jumpstart or improve your test automation

    Test automation can be very challenging in the world of embedded software. We have a solid track record of helping organizations with automated testing and Robot Framework. 

    Whether you’re getting started or want to take your testing to the next level, we can assist your team. Our DevOps and test experts can help you build quality in your software.

    Read about continuous quality assuranceRead more about Test automation as a service

    Get your DevOps platform as a managed service

    Eficode ROOT is a centralized DevOps toolchain as a service with over 40 technology partners to match your environment’s requirements. To ensure availability and predictability, we proactively maintain your tools and offer 24/7/365 support. We guide you to select future-proof and cost-effective tools like cloud solutions. 

    See Eficode ROOT

    Get a better understanding of DevOps and new skills in your teams

    In a hardware-focused organization, it is essential to create a common understanding around software development from executives to developers and to empower teams with new software development skills.

    At Eficode we offer a wide portfolio of workshops and hands-on training courses on DevOps practices and tools (Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins…) for beginners and advanced users.


    Benefit from Eficode’s know-how

    We don’t just deliver, we work alongside your employees as coaches and mentors. Through daily work routines, we embed Agile practices in your team. 

    Do DevOps right

    We were doing DevOps before it was a word. We have more than 15 years of experience in guiding organizations to implement DevOps practices and pipelines, including in the world of IoT.

    No Continous Delivery without test automation

    We have a solid track record in test automation and over 10 years of experience with Robot Framework to build software quality in your hardware.

    Think of the future, get cloud-ready

    We are a Kubernetes certified service provider and partner with Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud to help you make the most of cloud solutions.

    Edge Cloud with GitOps is the next level

    Enable cloud-like remote delivery, deployment, and operations capability to everywhere with Edge Cloud and GitOps - even if the network connection is not available all the time.

    To go from manually-driven to DevOps-driven software lifecycle, you’ll need to adopt new automation capabilities. By incorporating Edge Cloud and GitOps, you can finally move to automated and autonomous DevOps operational teams, even if your on-prem products are on land, sea, air, or space - anywhere in the world.

    edge cloud

    Let's talk about DevOps tools and practices