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    Who we are

    Together we build the future of software development


    580 Eficodeans

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    Make the most of DevOps and Agile

    Your ability to develop quality software fast impacts your business success. But while software may not be everything your company does (or even focuses on) you still have to deliver it. We ensure your organization gets the most benefits from the best practices and tools in the world of DevOps and Agile software development.

    Your trusted advisors

    Our seasoned experts help you apply the most optimal, proven methodologies so you always make the right decisions about the tooling, process, and people. As technologies come and go, we work with many technology providers, so you always have options to choose from–without being locked into one vendor.


    Your digital builders

    Perhaps you'd rather not handle the hassle of developing digital services in-house. Alternatively, if you lack the skills currently but need to start immediately, we can help you get started.

    Our experienced designers, UX researchers, software architects, and developers can help you develop top-quality services for your specific requirements–all while your organization focuses on its core activities.

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    Your agile scalers

    Organizations are beginning to realize the benefits Agile methodologies and DevOps practices provide for every area of their business, which is why our business-minded Agile experts help you every step of the way.

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    I wanted to create a company that would change software development with modern practices, technologies and ideas.

    Risto Virkkala
    Risto Virkkala, Eficode’s founder and chairman


    Our culture

    • We want to change the world: we believe in change through software.

    • We take pride in results: our experience and expertise move our customers forward.

    • We learn every day: continuous learning is our source of innovation.

    • We complete each other: we believe in being who we are.

    Humans of Eficode

    Eficode is the sum of its people. Our employees can be themselves.

    Ilari Nurmi
    CEO of Eficode

    Meet the Humans of Eficode