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    Who we are

    We want to build the future of software development


    DevOps pioneers

    We help teams build software better, to the benefit of companies big and small. Here at Eficode, we were doing DevOps before it was a word. Over a decade later, we’ve seen DevOps transformations across industries.

    We believe that the future of software development is unbelievably effective. Automation, continuous improvement for the business and cross-collaboration between teams are at the core of our mission. 

    We help drive the DevOps movement by training the next generations and sharing our experience with the community of DevOps practitioners.

    300+ Eficodeans

    7 Countries

    Our clients are ambitious

    Our leading partners

    I wanted to create a company that would change software development with modern practices, technologies and ideas.

    Risto Virkkala
    Risto Virkkala, Eficode’s founder and chairman

    Risto Virkkala

    Our culture

    • No hype, just results

    • We work together to deliver quality

    • We show our clients how to help themselves

    • We make time for learning and we make that time count

    • We are committed to knowledge sharing and community building

    Humans of Eficode

    Eficode is the sum of its people. Our employees can be themselves.

    Ilari Nurmi
    CEO of Eficode

    Meet the humans of Eficode