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Tridify is happily in the AWS cloud: thanks Eficode

Increasingly, everything is moving to cloud-based services. Companies are realizing there are no other options for...

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Do Something! A look into hacker culture in Europe

A couple of Eficodeans visited Leipzig Messe halls from 27 to 30 December 2017 for the 34th instance of the Chaos Communication Congress. This time the congress motto was “tuwat” (eng. “do [..]


Open participation in City of Espoo

The six largest cities in Finland have joined forces to tackle their common urban challenges. The Six City Strategy 6Aika is implemented with cooperative projects which enable the cities to [..]

#technologies, #Secops

There’s no jokes with security

Hacked WPA2, what does it mean and what can I do? This morning your security got a heart attack and you are not quite sure why all the IT people went to panic mode. At least in Eficode it started as [..]


The Many Tools for Developing Mobile Apps

As the smartphone has become an essential part of our lives, we interact with different services and do various tasks through them. The mobile platforms have matured into vibrant ecosystems filled [..]


From Scrum Master to Show Master

When I was hired by Eficode about five months ago I was very happy with the position. Some people like me just need to work with people and Scrum Master and Agile Coach are definitely that kind of [..]


Summertime happiness at Eficode

Happy summer days from the office! Today, just like many others, the office is looking a little bit like a ghost town with an occasional spotting of a member of the human species here and there. I’m [..]


Unlocking the Devops secrets using AI

My name is Manvisha Kodali and I am working as a consultant at Eficode. I am currently, working in our customer project operating Devops. With keen interest on latest technologies, I had the [..]

#Devops 2017

Recap: DEVOPS 2017 in Helsinki

DEVOPS 2017 is now officially wrapped up and what a great event we had. Couple of weeks ago, people from different companies and backrounds gathered together in Helsinki Messukeskus to listen [..]

Impact of the individual - trip to Red Hat Summit

My name is Niklas Tanskanen and I work as a consultant here at Eficode. I'm currently working on a very interesting project at our customer which utilizes latest cloud technologies delivered by Red [..]

Robotic Process Automation - Pros and Cons

At Eficode, automation is written in our DNA. Therefore it's no wonder that recently many of our customers are asking our opinion on the topic of RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, one of the [..]

Agile has run its course. What next?

The fact that a lot has changed in the organization of IT, owes an awful lot to the emergence of Agile and its Manifesto in 2001. It claimed to be disruptive and indeed it was, but also to the extent [..]


Can robots save lives?

You probably all remember the scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope where R2-D2 in the last moment saves Luke, Leia, Han and Chewbacca from being garbage disposal 3263827 at the Death [..]

Selenium & Docker - Match made in heaven

Everyone loves Selenium. And why not, it’s great. Yet, I recall moments of complete frustration when browser drivers fail and I just can’t quite recall the correct version of Firefox to work with a [..]

#Devops, #Devops 2018

What is Devops?

Devops has been around as a term for roughly eight years now, and it’s time to review what has changed if anything. As you probably already know, Devops is a common term for how to make better [..]


Devops in a Coffee Room

In the beginning of my career, when every teenager owned a lava lamp and Devops was an unknown word, I was part of a Software Configuration Management (SCM) team. Agility started to replace waterfall [..]

#careers, #ura

Responsibility, freedom and feedback

- It made me speechless for a while, when whilst signing my job contract I was asked: ‘Which phone and computer do you want?’. ‘Out of all the models in the world?’ I remember asking myself , says [..]

My experience of Velocity 2016

Hello, Eficode offers us a capability to apply for conferences and based on how good your explanation is you get to go there. In my case after reading Phoenix Project and hearing about Velocity I [..]


Working abroad - From dreamer to doer

Cześć! My name is Taavi Rouhiainen and I’ve been working as DevOps consultant at Eficode from the beginning of 2016. This post describes how I ended up working in Poland and how working remotely [..]


My GDPR journey, Part 2

Hi everyone, it's me, Dila again! In this two-series blog post I wanted to open up my GDPR journey which was made in August 2016. I feel very lucky to be part of the GDPR journey by visiting seven [..]


My GDPR journey, Part 1

Hi everyone! My name is Dila Uzsut and I am currently working as a project worker at Eficode. In this two-series blog post I want to open up my GDPR journey which was made in August 2016. I feel very [..]


From startup to Google scale

Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Deployment and Docker are the hot topics these days. In principle CD is part of a Devops pipeline that extends Continuous Integration (CI) and delivers production [..]

#digital transformation

Meet Mr. Fud.

Every transformation journey in business have to meet face-to-face, the famous Mr. FUD. Here is a little story about Mr. Fud and Mr. Change.


Security and Devops

On first day of Devops 2016 the topic of security in Devops processes was picked up by Jani Kirmanen from Silverskin and Visa Parviainen from Eficode. Their presentation had two parts to offer [..]

Robot Framework: Past, Present and Future

Hey, my name is Paul Laihonen and I work here at Eficode in platform support. I, as well as many others, participated in the DEVOPS 2016 conference a few weeks back, and would now like to write a [..]


The fight for digital identity

In early 2016, the EU legislative bodies agreed on two legislative projects that will considerably increase every EU citizen's rights to the electronic data that pertains to them. These projects are [..]

Proxying Hipchat

Hello, once again this time I managed to find a topic that I can write a good guide as it’s very basic thing, but you will have to dig through internet to find the correct settings as Atlassian has [..]

Feedback from DEVOPS 2016 in Helsinki

Everything good eventually comes to an end. This year’s event is now wrapped up and it is time to check what people thought about DEVOPS 2016 - How people felt about the event venue, how relevant and [..]


Container orchestration with Docker Datacenter

Hello, I am Richard Weber, a Devops consultant here at Eficode. I attended the Devops2016 conference and today I am writing about the presentation that Markus Suonto held about Docker Datacenter.

Hacker culture: the leisure activities of the IT expert

I usually blog about big data related issues, but this time I decided to write about the things I do in my freetime. How does it relate to Eficode? How does it relate to hacker culture? What is it [..]


Ever wondered what it means to use NoSQL or SQL? What's the difference? Here’s a little post to help you identify a suitable solution: if not the perfect fit, at least a good one – and the ones you [..]

Future of Backend

The future of server side: how will analytics revolutionize the server side design? Here at Eficode I work as a data analyst, but I’ve also had a lot of experience with the server side. Here’s my [..]

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