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    Blog Illustration – If I were a CTO, I’d approach platform engineering like this (1)-2-1-1

    June 4, 2024

    What’s new in Eficode ROOT: June 2024

    Get the latest on GitLab, GitHub Enterprise Server, Jenkins, Artifactory, Xray, ...

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    May 7, 2024

    What’s new in Eficode ROOT: May 2024

    Spring into May with our Eficode ROOT release. We plant seeds of Bitbucket, Conf ...

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    Robot Framework

    April 10, 2024

    AI with Robot Framework

    In this blog post, we highlight talks from the acceptance testing framework conf ...

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    April 3, 2024

    What’s new in Eficode ROOT: April 2024

    GitHub upgrades, PR merge queues, org-wide CI/CD rules, Dependabot, Jenkins, Con ...

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    March 11, 2024

    What’s new in Eficode ROOT: March 2024

    Eficode ROOT in March 2024 includes brand new feature versions of GitLab, JFrog, ...

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    February 9, 2024

    What’s new in Eficode ROOT: February 2024

    February’s Eficode ROOT is on the Atlassian-heavy side with Bamboo, Confluence, ...

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    January 22, 2024

    Azure OpenAI and your Atlassian data

    Streamline AI cases with Jira data, leveraging Exalate. Address common issues wi ...

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    January 9, 2024

    What’s new in Eficode ROOT: January 2024

    Our Eficode ROOT release for this brave new year delivers a new Bitbucket that s ...

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    November 10, 2023

    Improper Authorization Vulnerability In Atlassian Confluence

    Exploring CVE-2023-22518: Eficode's Insights on Confluence Vulnerability Mitigat ...

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