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Tridify is happily in the AWS cloud: thanks Eficode

Increasingly, everything is moving to cloud-based services. Companies are realizing there are no other options for modern, success-oriented organizations. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the [..]

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Eficode receives six million euro investment for the internationalization of its Devops solutions and services

Technology company Eficode has received a six million euro minority investment from Bocap’s private equity fund. With the investment Eficode speeds up its international expansion of the DevOps [..]

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Eficode has achieved Advanced Partner status in Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN)

The Finnish technology and design firm, Eficode, has achieved a certified Advanced Partner level in Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN). As part of the certification process, more than 50 [..]


Unlocking the Devops secrets using AI

My name is Manvisha Kodali and I am working as a consultant at Eficode. I am currently, working in our customer project operating Devops. With keen interest on latest technologies, I had the [..]


DevOps and Company structure, do we need the reorganization?

DevOps has passed the novelty phase and is now being implemented in larger companies than start-ups or web-shops. The concepts of collaboration amongst Developers and Operations open the recurring [..]

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What is Devops?

Devops has been around as a term for roughly eight years now, and it’s time to review what has changed if anything. As you probably already know, Devops is a common term for how to make better [..]


Devops in a Coffee Room

In the beginning of my career, when every teenager owned a lava lamp and Devops was an unknown word, I was part of a Software Configuration Management (SCM) team. Agility started to replace waterfall [..]

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Devops Automation Using Docker, Kubernetes and Openshift

The second day of Devops 2016 started with a technical talk from a RedHat employee, Siamak Sadeghianfar. The focus of this talk was specifically automation of the DevOps processes with containers.