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    Finding the DevOps tax haven with platforms

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    Devops Tax

    January 7, 2021

    How to successfully buy a digital service development project - #2

    Are you about to purchase a software development project? Avoid getting too stuc ...

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    January 4, 2021

    How to successfully buy a digital service development project - #1

    Planning a new digital service or a renewal project? There are many things to co ...

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    December 4, 2020

    How to prevent unwanted surprises with a technical due diligence audit

    Financial due diligence is a de facto assessment carried out when purchasing or ...

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    September 29, 2020

    How to write better code with linting, formatting, and analysis tools

    Humans sometimes make mistakes that even code reviews can’t expose correctly. Th ...

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    September 14, 2020

    Do you manage your software or does it manage you?

    How to maintain viable applications so that they continue to deliver value in th ...

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    April 24, 2020

    Are you doing DevOps right?

    Defining DevOps performance purely in terms of frequency deployment is a classic ...

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    January 8, 2020

    How to transfer Robot Framework results from Jenkins to Grafana

    This tutorial will show you how to move your test results from Robot Framework t ...

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    November 29, 2019

    A first impression of GitHub Actions CI/CD

    GitHub Actions is a tool within GitHub that enables continuous integration and a ...

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    October 11, 2019

    The story of the headless CMS

    Headless CMSs are the future of web development because they're a seamless way t ...

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