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Lack of software experts threatens to slow down the development of companies

Itewiki, a well-known Finnish IT-industry website and the wikipedia for professional IT companies, wanted to interview our CCO Heikki Hämäläinen  about AI-based software development and automation, [..]

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Tridify is happily in the AWS cloud: thanks Eficode

Increasingly, everything is moving to cloud-based services. Companies are realizing there are no other options for modern, success-oriented organizations. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the [..]

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Our trip to CITCON 2017 conference in Amsterdam

What is CITCON CITCON (Continuous Integration Testing Conference) is open space conference where people can join and present their ideas or problems. The event is held in different country every year [..]

#software development

The road to hell is paved with good conventions

We've all heard about them: Code conventions and best practices that will help create high quality code that will be more maintainable, less buggy and generally make our lives easier. So when a new [..]

#software development

Eficode and Arcada: Bringing Devops gospel to students

My name is Richard Weber, and I am a Senior Consultant here at Eficode. During September I was teaching a course for students at Arcada. We wanted to give schools the opportunity to offer a course in [..]

#software development

Making of an Open Source Contributor

On July 20th 2016 Eficode released their second official Jenkins plugin. But how does software get from your computer into global distribution?