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    Get cloud right with an advanced AWS Partner

    AWS Managed Service Provider and solutions

    AWS Main Hero

    The expertise you need to build a solid AWS foundation

    Cloud computing gives you speed and saves you costs. But it takes a lot more than moving an application to the cloud. You need to consider scaling, resiliency and availability. We have the expertise and resources to give you the true power of the cloud.

    We build a plan with you - and then help you reach it

    Our cloud and DevOps experts will help you build a development roadmap based on your current setup, evaluate risks, maintain best practices and build a well-architected environment.  As an Advanced AWS partner, our solid experience gets you towards successful cloud adoption at scale.

    As an accredited AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner (MSCP), Eficode offers extensive experience to support clients in embracing innovative solutions and services found on the AWS marketplace.
    Our proficiency extends beyond merely navigating the AWS Marketplace; we actively engage with AWS ISV Partners to provide a customized, smooth, and economical experience for our shared clientele.
    At Eficode, we pledge to enhance your journey by harnessing our expertise in AWS solutions and cultivating strategic partnerships within the AWS ecosystem.



    Aki Roivanen

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    +358 44 7324 287

    We are your partner in AWS cloud solutions


    We start with an AWS cloud assessment

    We help you prepare for a safe cloud migration based on your needs. We analyze your existing environments and create a strategy and roadmap for you. Feel free to use our own service architecture and design. Tip: check out our AWS Well-Architected framework.


    We improve your onboarding

    We help you with the foundations of AWS journey. We create landing zones, AWS organizational structure. We set the foundation for future migrations of workloads, including planning, implementation and project management.


    We improve your capabilities

    We make sure you use the full functionality and capabilities of the cloud. We help you adopt new cloud native approaches, enable cloud-oriented culture in your organization, and optimize your toolchain for cloud.


    We help you with the cloud economics

    We make sure you optimize the value of your investments in the cloud. We assess the elasticity of your cloud resources, perform a financial resource analysis, and recommend the right pricing models.

    The broadest cloud offering - from assessment to training

    We improve your cloud capability

    We know cloud from all points of view: technical, culture, and toolchain. With us, you adopt cloud native approaches, enable cloud-oriented culture, and optimize your toolchain.

    We improve your cloud architecture

    Our AWS-certified solution architects know AWS inside and out. They will help you validate your current solution and recommend improvements.


    We manage and optimize your services

    We advise customers in cloud and DevOps adoption every day. We help you get going, set up the best architecture and processes to optimize your costs, and optimize the way you use AWS. We also automate and maintain your environments.

    We empower your team

    We don’t just deliver, we work alongside your employees to coach them. We teach them everything we know through daily work routines to permanently embed new cloud skills and agile, cloud-oriented practices in your team.

    Cloud infrastructure on AWS for a national TV station

    When we bring in consultants, we want them to be part of the team. That worked well with the Eficode consultants. They are also good at proactively communicating and keeping us in the loop.

    Martin Villumsen
    Staff Engineer at TV 2 Denmark

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    tv 2

    How can we help you with AWS? Let's find out.

    Learn more about Amazon Web Services (AWS):

    Amazon Web Services  is a leading cloud computing platform offering a vast collection of services across computing, storage, database, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security and enterprise applications.

    With VPN, DirectConnect and/or Outpost it’s also easy to create a hybrid cloud, combining your current network and AWS services.

    Thanks to the great flexibility and high security that AWS offers, the platform is scalable and can be tailored to the specific needs of different organizations. This allows you to basically find companies of all different sizes and industries as users of the platform.

    As an Advanced AWS Partner, we are happy to consult you to find out why/if AWS is a good option for your particular business.

    The main advantage of AWS is that it is constantly evolving. This gives you a wide range of features and services, and the opportunity to work smoothly and cost-effectively. AWS is also one of the most secure, high-performing and innovative cloud environments you can access on the market today.

    Benefits depend on the platform. But in the case of AWS cloud, reasons why some of our customers prefer the cloud include: 

    • Scalability: It's easy to expand and reduce.
    • On demand: You get what you want when you want it.
    • Development rate: You can develop your business faster.
    • Cost-effective: You pay only for what you use.