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    Corporate responsibility

    Sustainability initiatives at Eficode

    Sustainability Report 2022-2023
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    Focus areas

    All of our sustainability initiatives fall under the umbrella of four focus areas. We selected these focus areas by analyzing the significance and priority of different sustainability-related topics among the company’s stakeholders.

    Our current focus areas are:

    • the work we do to promote equal opportunities for our Eficodeans and wider communities
    • our support for digital education and future generations of software development professionals
    • impact of our business on the world around us through socially meaningful digital advancements (digital impact)
    • environmentally-friendly choices we make to reduce our company’s environmental impact

    Sustainability reporting

    Our sustainability report gives an overview of our past and ongoing sustainability initiatives and achievements. Bringing this report to our readers is also our way of celebrating our colleagues who make these impactful contributions.

    Behind every initiative presented in our sustainability reports are the Eficodeans who invested themselves in developing inclusiveness and equality, supporting digital education, and promoting greener business operations.

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    We need to acknowledge the importance of continuous improvement. It takes the courage to face the complexity of sustainability issues and also the wisdom to seek solutions that make a tangible impact.

    Jade Webster
    Sustainability and Compliance Manager at Eficode