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    Eficode Responsibility Program

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    Over the years, Eficode has been proactively running its own and supporting external initiatives to ensure corporate contribution to sustainable development. In 2020, we decided to establish an annual process for reviewing our initiatives, setting new priorities, and reporting our work to the community. As a result of this process, we prepared our first sustainability report.

    Download the report (PDF)

    Our motivation to establish a program has been three-fold. First, we have a genuine desire to give back to the community in a systematic and strategic way. Secondly, we aim at building a structured overview of Eficode’s impact on a variety of sustainability issues. Last but not least, we want to keep our direct and indirect stakeholders informed about what we do at Eficode in support of sustainable development because we believe our community truly cares.

    We have started the development of the Program from the inside by thinking of what we already do as a company and what can be our contribution to sustainable development in the future. We selected those areas of focus where Eficode can or already make a real, tangible impact and aligned our choice of focus areas with the sustainability objectives and needs of our industry. As a result of our strategy work, we developed four focus areas: equal opportunities, digital impact, support for digital education, and green choices. These focus areas are re-evaluated annually.

    We hope you enjoy reading our report! In case you have any comments or questions regarding Eficode Responsibility Program, use this form to get in touch with us: