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    Blog Illustration – If I were a CTO, I’d approach platform engineering like this (1)-2-1-1

    June 14, 2024

    Considerations for RAG systems in product and service development

    Adopting GenAI tools and methods to internal ways of working requires action. Th ...

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    June 12, 2024

    IT Asset Management (ITAM): CMDB, AI, and best practices explained

    Discover modern IT Asset Management with CMDB, AI, and best practices. Learn key ...

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    June 11, 2024

    CITCON Europe 2024: A closer look at AI

    If you missed our talk on AI at CITCON Europe 2024, you can read all about it he ...

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    June 4, 2024

    What’s new in Eficode ROOT: June 2024

    Get the latest on GitLab, GitHub Enterprise Server, Jenkins, Artifactory, Xray, ...

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    May 29, 2024

    The human experience in the age of AI

    What is the relationship between human experience and artificial intelligence? L ...

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    May 23, 2024

    Five trends of successful software organizations

    The introduction of GenAI and DevOps platforms has caused an unprecedented speed ...

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    May 16, 2024

    The four guiding principles of a healthy DevOps culture

    Learn the four principles of a healthy DevOps culture and become a faster, more ...

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    May 14, 2024

    Avoiding backlog chaos

    Get tips on unlocking business Agility, align tasks from vision to backlog with ...

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    May 10, 2024

    Scaling into the program layer (part 2)

    Read our part two blog post in a series focusing on essential Agile practices th ...

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