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    Löydä vastauksia kysymyksiisi modernista ohjelmistokehityksestä

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    DevOps trends 2021

    A visual and fun fact sheet to inspire you

    As the DevOps movement is growing into its teens, it shows no signs of slowing down. But what does it encompass now? Everything that makes modern software engineering faster, safer, and better: psychological safety, scaling, platforms, and design systems, SaaS, edge cloud, 5G, and data challenges.

    Get inspired and make the most of your DevOps journey in 2021!


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    Digipalveluiden saavutettavuus

    Opi tekemään digipalvelustasi saavutettava

    Saavutettavuus tarkoittaa sitä, että kaikki voivat käyttää digipalvelua riippumatta henkilön ominaisuuksista tai toimintarajoitteista. Hyvä saavutettavuus vaatii moninaisten ja vaihtelevien käyttäjätarpeiden tunnistamista ja huomioimista palvelun suunnittelun joka vaiheessa hankinnasta ja määrittelystä toteutukseen. Lue lisää oppaastamme.

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    Opas: Digipalveluiden saavutettavuus

    Make the most of DevOps and cloud

    How to combine DevOps and cloud to achieve speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness

    Being successful in DevOps and cloud adoption results in the business agility companies need to survive. Effectively coupling the two approaches together will reap the benefits of the speed, quality, and efficiency of DevOps with the cost-effectiveness and ability to innovate in cloud.


    Make the most of DevOps platforms

    A guide to help you pick the right solution for your organization

    There are countless details to think through when trying to make the right decision about the toolchains: how to host the solution; which technologies to select; and how centralized or flexible you want it to be. These factors influence how your teams collaborate, how you prepare for the future, how you approach compliance, and much more.

    We have written this guide to help you make your final decision regarding the right approach to toolchains in your organization. 

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    DevOps for executives

    A guide to understanding the big picture of DevOps

    Today, DevOps adoption is so widespread that it has become an industry standard. The question is no longer: why should my company prioritize a DevOps transformation? Instead, it is: will we survive if we don’t?

    This guide will give you the understanding of DevOps you need to scale it across your organization and improve business outcomes.

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    How to estimate DevOps toolchain costs

    A guide about DevOps platform

    For cost-effective software development, it’s essential to be aware of the total costs. With the help of this guide, you will learn how to estimate your DevOps toolchain maintenance and support costs.

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    Developing embedded software with DevOps

    Embedded software development will always pose big challenges due to the nature of production environments.

    With DevOps you can accelerate the software development life cycle and produce a continuous delivery of high-quality software releases to the production environment. If you have the right tools and the right approach, DevOps principles can be implemented in the embedded world.

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    embedded guide cover

    Test Automation & Robot Framework

    A guide to functional customer-oriented product development

    Test automation is not just a cost-cutter. Test automation helps driving development more effectively, react to customer requirements better, and release changes for customers much faster.

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    Opas johtajille ja asiantuntijoille

    Devops on ohjelmistokehitysmenetelmä agilen jälkeiseen maailmaan. Se nojaa automaatioon, virtualisaatioon ja fiksuihin työkaluvalintoihin. Devops-pikaoppaamme on tiekarttasi uuden ajan ohjelmistotuotantoon.

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    A quick guide on security and operations by Eficode & Silverskin

    You can invest in information security to achieve the desired level of risk almost as much as you can. It is important to know what and at what stage the contributions are made to maximize the impact.

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